North County Neighborhood Coalition

Letter from the President

I welcome you to the North County Neighborhood Coalition’s web site. As a fellow resident of north Palm Beach County and President of the NCNC I want you to know we are committed to improving the quality of life for all of our residents.

To make this happen it takes a team effort.

Our delegates meet monthly and hear presentations from key leaders within our county. They get the facts on particular subjects and are asked to share them within their respective communities.

While we have great cooperation from our elected officials and business leaders and meet frequently, the most influential factor is hearing from our residents routinely and most importantly at the polls…VOTING.

The upcoming elections season has ballots with federal, state, and local candidates and amendments to state and city charters that affect us all.

Your vote is key.  While the NCNC does not tell you who or how to vote, it emphasizes the reality that every vote counts and you must do your part. Go to the polls or cast your absentee ballot.

Our website highlights some of the issues and in the next month the NCNC will be meeting with candidates to hear their platforms.

I know we can count on our delegates and you to “VOTE” August 28, 2018.