Palm Beach Gardens voters will have a chance to cast their vote on August 28, 2018 on three issues.

  1. Term limits for Palm Beach Gardens Council members:

Will the City Council members be allowed to serve three, uninterrupted three-year term; total of nine years; instead of two three-year terms for total of 6 years?

2. Palm Beach Gardens City Charter

Will the city charter be changed to mirror national format of government, which will require city of PBG to review its charter every five years?

3.Residency requirement for the City Manager

Should residency requirement for PBG City Manager (must be a PBG resident) be removed from the PBG Charter?


These issues were initially put to vote back in March ballot, but a judge ruled the language was confusing for the voters. Now, the PBG City attorney will have a chance to re-write the questions that will be on the August 28th election.



The voter turn out, historically, for August elections have been low. We ask each register voter within city of PBG to cast his or her vote on August 28, 2018.

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